• Voice Samples

    Please click on a player to hear the sample.

    I am happy to provide a customised sample of my voice free of charge. Simply get in touch and send me a few lines from which I can read an extract.

  • Two Minute Mix

    A montage of corporate work, commercial work and character / cartoon voices. Also included is a little IVR, e-learning and a tongue twister or two.

  • Corporate Montage

    A collection of only corporate work.

  • Commercial Montage

    A collection of only commercial work.

  • Michelin Wiper Blade Commercial

    Full clip

  • Music Video

    'Loving You is Easy'

    by Kamo & Krooked

    (VO at 0:02, 0:29, 0:48, 1:48)

  • Character Montage

    A collection of characters from cartoon to Oliver Twist.

  • British Gangster

    Typical British gangster voice in a "Lock, Stock" style

  • C-3PO Impression

    A short fictional conversation between C-3PO and R2D2

  • IVR / On-hold Montage

    A collection of messages while waiting on hold.

  • HPL (Commercial)

    Full clip

  • Ecstasy (Commercial)

    Full clip

  • Cornea (Corporate)

    Full clip

  • Now That's What I Call...

    Spoof commercial written by me. (C) Copyright - Peter Stern

  • American Accents

    A few American voices